Lynn Hill

Rock climber

Lynn Hill is maybe the most recognized women rock climber in the world. In 1992 she bacame the first person to complete a free ascent of "The Nose" route on Yosemite's famous El Capitan, the worlds largest hunk of granite. How did she follow up a feat no man had come close to acomplishing? She went back to El Cap the next year and free climbed "The Nose" again, but this
time in less then 24 hours. A true pioneer in the sport of climbing, in 1979 she made the first ascent of Ophir Broke, a 5.12/13a climb in Colorado which ranked as the hardest route ever done by a woman at the time. In 1991 Lynn climbed the first 5.14a ever achieved by a woman on a climb called Masse Critique in Cimai, France. After a win or place in virtually every sport climbing competition that she entered in the 80's, Lynn no longer climbs on the professional indoor sport climbing circuit. She now travels the world on mountain climbing expeditions to places like Kyrgyzstan and Morocco and was featured in National Geographic magazine climbing in Vietnam. "I still feel that the most important part of climbing is having fun with your friends," says Lynn, "and usually in a beautiful place, because rock climbing occurs in a natural environment. That's the real spirit of climbing."





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