December 14, 2009

Perhaps the ultimate question in any sport is: who is the greatest ever?  Such a question can be asked about the Superstars as well.  There is a short list of possible candidates for the best Superstar competitor ever:  multiple champions Kyle Rote, Jr., Renaldo Nehemiah, Herschel Walker, Willie Gault, Dave Johnson and Jason Sehorn; one-hit wonders like Tom Petranoff who scored a record 61 points in his only Superstars appearance; Bob Seagren, the all time money winner and champion of the first Superstars and the first World Superstars;  1978 champion and perennial contender Wayne Grimditch;  British champions David Hemery, Brian Hooper and the fan favorite Brian Jacks;  double European champions Kjell Isaksson or Ties Kruize.

However, to me there is one clear Superstar among Superstars.  Canadian soccer player and three-time World Superstars champion Brian Budd stands above all the other athletes who have competed in history of Superstars.  Budd competed in Superstars six times, winning each time.  He was a three-time Canadian champion to go with his three World Superstars crowns, and was never defeated.  No other athlete was undefeated in as many appearances. Kyle Rote, Jr. won six out of seven, finishing third in his one loss, the 1975 final.

Budd was unbeatable in the half mile run and nearly unbeatable in both the swimming and gym test.  He still holds the record for the half mile run at 1:57.36.  By pretty much guaranteeing himself at least 24-27 points, Budd would be able to cobble together enough points in other events to win even the toughest of competitions.  Additionally, he was also quite capable of picking up second and third place finishes in rowing, the 100 yard dash and the bike race.  He was rarely challenged to run the obstacle course well as he usually had wrapped up the competition by that time.

The other thing that made Budd stand out was his total domination of his competitions.  His three World Superstars wins were all by at least 13 points.  He was never pushed by any of his challengers.  Consider that the World Superstars featured the best Superstars from North American and Europe and that Budd dominated the field each and every year.  He easily defeated athletes like Seagren, Grimditch, Jacks, Kruize and Greg Pruitt.  In his final World Superstars victory in 1980, he scored 58 points, equal to the fourth highest total in Superstars history. Nearly every time that I have created simulations of Superstars events among the best performers in history, it is almost always Budd that is the winner.  He never relied on events which had luck factor into the standings such as bowling or golf, rather he excelled in events where his strength and stamina would earn points.

At some point in the near future I will create an mythical Ultimate Superstars competition, and I would consider Brian Budd to be the obvious favorite.


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