George Starke

Washington Redskin offensive lineman.

An 11th round draft pick of the Washington Redskins in 1971, Starke spent time on the taxi squads of the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs before winding up with the Redskins, where he was a starting offensive tackle for nine seasons. The team’s outstanding offensive line became known as “the Hogs” during a sweltering summer training camp, when offensive line coach Joe Bugel said the tired, hot lineman looked like “a bunch of lazy hogs.” Starke and the others, with little to do at the rural Pennsylvania campsite, quickly had T-shirts and hats printed with the moniker, and equally bored media members carried the message back to the D.C. area. Before long, the line became the most dominant unit in the league, sending John Riggins to the Pro Bowl and prompting hundreds of grown men to dress up in skirts and hog noses for Redskin home games. While Starke, dubbed the “Head Hog” because of his seniority and leadership, was pleased with his individual accomplishments and the fame of his unit, he was never totally satisfied with his career until the Redskins got a chance to compete for the championship. That chance came in Super Bowl XVII in 1983, and Washington captured the crown with a 27-17 win over the Miami Dolphins. .





1983 Superteams Final







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